How To Flash Samsung Mobile with Odin Flash Tool

If you want the latest firmware updates on your Samsung Mobile, then you are in the right place today I tell you how to flash Samsung Mobile with Odin Flash Tool, you need to have to flash the firmware manually using Odin 3 Flash tool.

How To Flash Samsung Mobile with Odin Flash Tool

What is Flash?

Flash means download firmware for your mobile and flashing means completely replacing your Samsung mobile operating system software and that means you can upgrade/downgrade to different versions of the operating system on your mobile device or switch to a brand new mobile operating system.

What’s Needed to Flash a Samsung Mobile?

How To Flash Samsung Mobile with Odin Flash Tool:

  1. First of all, you need to download the required firmware file according to your Samsung mobile operating system. If you don’t know which firmware file is compatible with your device or from wwhere you can download firmware file,click here.
  2. After downloading the firmware file, now yo need to install the Samsung USB drivers on your computer (If you have already installed then you do not need to install Samsung drivers).
  3. Download and extract the Odin3 Flash Tool zip file.
  4. Now open Odin3 Flash Tool, and add your all firmwares files in it.
  5. Now boot your Samsung Mobile devie into download mode and connect it to the computer system via USB data cable (Once you connect your Samsung device to the computer in download mode, an ID:COM number will appear and the bar turned into blue color in the Odin3 Flash tool, which means your mobile device has successfully connected).
  6. In last step simply hit the “Start Button” the flashing process will start, wait and watch the progress bar until its complete, you will see a Green message “Pass” in Odin Flash Tool and your device will automatically reboot to normal mode after the flashing process is complete.


So, I’ve proven you the entire Step-by-Step how To Flash Samsung device with Odin Flash Tool.  I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any doubts or questions regarding to this information, feel free to contact us or comment below, and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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